An informative dashboard that leads users to strategic data-based decisions.

My role: UX, Research, Prototyping, Product Design

Academic project

The brief

School For The Dogs is the New York City’s first Dog Training Center that teaches humans how to effectively communicate with their dogs using smart, humane dog training strategies. They also strive to teach their clients to demonstrate empathy towards all animals.

The School has several courses and the director needs to control and visualize the information to make strategic decisions about the courses.

My process



Create a dashboard where school staff can keep all student information organized and easy to view, increasing productivity and saving time.

Provisional persona




Market Segmentation Analysis

During market research I investigated several competitors to understand the industry-specific design patterns, terminologies and language. This information helped me to set the tone of the product I was designing.

Class scheduling workflow


Generate Ideas


Wireframing and Prototyping


Design decisions

The dashboard provides quick information at a glance but also allows for a deeper analysis by comparing the metrics over time. The goal here is to show information that helps the user to understand the progress of enrollments, the current status of the different types of courses in a given period and use all this information to make strategic decisions.

Color vision deficiency: The primary problem among people with CVD is with the colors red and green. Since red, green, and orange all appear to be brown for someone with strong CVD, I won't use red, green, brown, and orange together.

I learned a lot during the development of the dashboard. Finding the right colors and typography is always a challenge, but in this project, I paid special attention to the accessibility tests for using color palettes blind-friendly.

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