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30% increase in new contacts coming from the ConsultMais new website.

Client: ConsultMais

My role: UX, Information Architecture, Prototyping, Testing, Content Strategy, UI Redesign

The brief

Our goal for the project was to create a responsive website to inform about their service plans, help differentiate their company from its competitors and improve the user experience by facilitating navigation and exploring the benefits of their services.

My process



I started the process by interviewing stakeholders to understand what and why we were trying to achieve for the business and by what time frame.

I checked their expectations regarding look and feel, functionality and target audience. I interviewed the developer and the support person for more information on problem areas.

As we were in separate continents and time zones, we did this remotely.

In the next step, I completed the market research to learn everything I could about the consulting and sales process in the sector. I found that the time that the company is in the market and the reputation of the professionals who work there are fundamental information before the client chooses to hire the service.

Through research, I also identified that HR managers were primarily responsible for the acquisition of corporate plans within companies and after interviewing some users, I understood how they look for a private pension consultant on the internet, what info they take into account before making the first contact with the consulting firm and how much time they dedicate to this search.

Competitive Analysis

I reviewed both direct and indirect competition, looking for commonalities, similar flows, content, design and performance.

Comparing the competitor's sites gave me a high-level overview of what the ConsultMais website could offer and focus on our best competitive advantages.

Wireframing and Prototyping

First, I made some hand sketches, including some hypotheses.


Then, I designed the structure and flow of the page in order to anticipate the actions and needs of the visitors.





About Us




Contact Us



By this stage, we all had alignment on what the new version of the website would be, and I had full buy-in from Octavio (developer) and Miguel (client), so I could confidently move forward to create the final design.

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Handover to developer

At this stage we passed everything over to the developer Miguel was working with (Octavio, he's amazing!).

Working with Fabiana was a pleasant experience. She is an excellent professional, attentive to details and focused on solutions that add value to users. As a developer, my part of the job was facilitated by the clarity and perfect structuring of files and images, resulting in productivity gains and agility in delivery to the final customer. In the end, the client was satisfied and praised Fabiana's work.

Developer at Ornitech

Aaand with a few check-ins here and there, 3–4 months passed I received this incredible feedback from the client:

During the process, Fabiana's suggestions were decisive in making the site look very professional and we had 30% new contacts after the launch of the new ConsultMais website.

Miguel L. Pereira
Miguel L. Pereira
CEO & Co-founder ConsultMais
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